Use technology to access contentment

Tapcare-technology is about using new technology, simply.

Too much telecare technology is offputting because it looks medical or it is overcomplex.

Many companies have tried to reduce complexity by creating simple, big button devices.

The problem is that they have also removing many of the features that would enable a more connected and contented life for people.

Using Android devices for telecare

We use a range of consumer devices, like Android Nexus mobile phones and tablet computers, to provide telecare.

Firstly, we do it because it is simpler to use the same technology as everyone else is using. It means family members can help without having to read another manual or contact a helpline.

Secondly, we do it because we have access to a number of new ways interacting easily with the devices.

There are two big changes:
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Natural Language Verbal Input
It's the first one we use most often as it has the clearest value to people who either don't have the technical interest or physical capacity to use touchscreen devices.

Using NFC means, people can stick small tags to paper, photographs and objects. These tags are than triggers for complex, multiple data events (to use the jargon!). 

Put more clearly, tap on a tag and it can make the device do whatever you wanted it to without having to use the keyboard or knowing how it is accessing the internet.

Simplicity of personal action linked to complexity of services.


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